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The Brazilian Choro originated about 150 years ago as a way for Carioca musicians to reproduce the rhythms that arrived from Europe shortly after the arrival of the Portuguese Court.

The Choro is more about melodies full of strength, generally fast and cheerful, a mixture of the sentimental way the Portuguese had of playing European rhythms and the characteristic touch of African musicians. Perhaps for this reason, improvisation is the hallmark of Choro and for this, the musicians need to have a lot of talent and mastery of the instruments.

The instruments that normally participate in the Choro are the flute, the mandolin, the cavaquinho (a kind of four-string guitar typical of Portugal), the tambourine and one or more guitars, among which a special seven-string guitar stands out. The Choro Brasileño is fundamentally an instrumental music although in some occasions some choros have had lyrics.

In recent years, this rhythm, which was born in Rio de Janeiro and has become one of the signs of the country's musical identity, has regained its rightful place in the artistic panorama to such an extent that April 23 has been established as the International Day of the Brazilian Choro.

Brazil's first urban popular music

Improvisation in the interpretations and virtuosity in their execution.

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Brazil's first urban popular music, the llanto is a style, language and way of playing derived from the mixture of African rhythms such as the lundu, with European music genres such as the polka and the waltz.

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