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Fire Circus Shows is a masterful and fiery spectacle that can enrich and elevate the status of any event.

A fire show performed by big stars. Perfect for small and occasional events. Excites the imagination and transports the audience to a magical realm of fire and harmony between man and element.

Fireshow performances are becoming increasingly popular as an event attraction. This unique combination of dance and special effects inspires curiosity and amazement in your audience.

Our many years of experience in creating one-of-a-kind fire shows have allowed us to develop our unique style that stands out in the Catalan fire show.

The shows we perform are full of all kinds of stage effects, which together with the dancing and the masterful command of juggling skills come together coherently, acting as an interesting element of the event or a final act that sums it up perfectly and puts a very effective end point.

As an element, fire has amazed people for thousands of years. Today we are convinced that we can tame it, and dancing with it still brings us great pleasure and satisfaction.

Our fire shows are created by professionals who occupy the best places in various industry festivals.

Each show created by our company Fire Circus Shows consists of many elements, and the professional preparation course is supervised by a choreographer, a scenic effects specialist, a director and a safety specialist.

We create fire shows with passion, which allows us to create unique shows for the 21st century.

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Fascinated by this dazzling display of flames and sparks, the public will be amazed to witness this fascinating fusion of fire effects and fireworks.

Especially suited for outdoor spaces, this fire dance show is the perfect choice for festivals, theme parks, street celebrations and other large events that take place outdoors. Happy to adapt to smaller, indoor spaces, our performers can also perform individual acts at your event upon request.

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