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As promoters, we represent artists we love.

We believe in grassroots work, in finding artists with whom we can build an audience.
We work with small and large agencies and organize concerts in the best venues, hotels, restaurants and unique spaces. We create modern atmospheres and help attract more clients.

Our range covers all types of musical styles, working in collaboration with other agencies and international groups. In this way we keep the location and availability of artists up to date, reducing production costs.

We develop communication and promotion actions. We are dedicated to:

  • Production of concerts and festivals.
  • Artistic and technical advice and intermediation.
  • Production of musical programs.


Together we will find the musical identity and energy that will meet your expectations and suit the event. With an always up-to-date music selection, our DJs will create an elegant atmosphere at a restaurant, a modern ambiance at a cocktail meeting or a stimulating party at a corporate event.

hire the best djs

Amazing Artists Deejays offers to hire DJ services for your corporate events or private parties. We are professional DJs, experts in different musical styles and solid experience.

With Amazing Artists Deejays you will hire the best DJ that will make your event a success.


No party without sound and lights. We provide high-end sound and light equipment. We will adapt the equipment to the size of the event.


  • Event organizers (corporate events, private parties, brand and product launches, fashion shows...)
  • Hotels, restaurants or bars looking for a modern image and to attract more customers.

If you would like to hire a live music program and DJ for your space, contact us for a proposal.

Do you want to book this show?

Please contact our entertainment team who will be able to assist you in booking and booking this or any other show from our list of shows.

Can't find the artist you are looking for?

Please, call +34 685 50 01 86 or use the section CONTACTor you can also use our catalog search tool.